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At this crucial juncture of my career I'm standing on a crossroad where every path seems to lead me to a new horizon,where every fellow traveller is promising me to take me to a new high and then there are a lots of paths and even more travellers in this journey. So exactly whom do I believe? Oh my god! I'm confused.

Having with an organization that has taken me where I'm standing today definitely I'll not love the idea of switching over to some other organization just for the sake of doing it and even for a nominal (or for that matter a figure that may appear lucrative enough) hike in the amount that I'll be getting at the month end.

In this present scenario when everyone is dying to excel, where even a slight mistake in my decision will evaporate me like water from a cloth, I can't be slow.

Competition is cut throat and I need to be executioner.

For, I need a quality job more than anything else, and quality for me means nothing less than the best, and to make it a pain in neck everyone is promising me the best.

In the long run of my career only the best skills will let me survive in the market and mediocrity will kill me. And to be the best I need to be with the best.

Although I have some parameters defined in my mind, I'm getting it harder to zero on anyone company that is best in the business.

The market today is flooded with a number of website designing company. And having worked in this field I have done a lot of research about the companies active in this arena. Even then in the given circumference of limited parameters, I can only go through internet, ask people about the organization enquire with employees there and then again enquire, enquire and enquire again but not with the most reliable sources. And these last two words are worrying me a lot as everyone tells me the same story and this is why I'm getting really confused about choosing the best website design company.

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