Restaurants Point of Sale Software(CafePOS)

Restaurants Point of Sale Software is full through features in an easy to use package. Incorporated in the value are POS, Customer Tracking, Hostess, Record & Payment Processing modules.

When Selecting a Restaurant POS Software solution used for the first time there are frequently questions the finish consumer may contain that flow just about features opposed to affordability. A user who is improvement may contain specific features that would make easy trade, i.e. "We are a well dining restaurant and I desire the aptitude to way the numbers of specials sold and aware servers and the supervisors at what time we are sold out" with "I wish for it to permit safe, remote entree to customize reporting".

key features

  • 100% Touch Operated Point of Sale
  • Complete Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging
  • Milk
  • Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers
  • CallerID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Web Ordering Integrator, and Coin Dispenser Integration Labor & Scheduling Management
  • Labor & Scheduling Management
  • Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • One Touch Order Split & Combine
  • Multiple Check Tender Support
  • Multiple Kitchen Routing Destinations
  • Ready for Online Food Ordering Integration
  • Ready for Kitchen Display Integration
  • Ready for Fingerprint Authentication Integration
  • Ready for Liquor Dispenser System Integration
  • Extensive Management Reports

Restaurant pos system is many and if you wish for extra information about it then you can feel free to contact Software System Solutions! Besides, we are prepared to present you a free demo at wherever and on anytime!

Now if you are looking to promote your restaurant or open a new business enterprise then go in front! We at Computer Software System Solutions POS Solutions are now to help you at every step!

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