Pathology Management software

Pathology Management software is Pathology Laboratory Management software which professionally manages patient reports, profitable records and the organizational activities of a pathology laboratory. Apart from the typical features of other Pathology management software Pathology Management software was developed allowing for the end user in wits. The easy steering enables users to get hold of information at their finger tips. The multi-consumer functionality and multi-location operations facility are excellent compared to other software accessible in the market.

Pathology Management software is seamlessly integrated software catering to all types of users in a lab. The use of hot keys and function keys boosts the pace of data entry very much.

Key Features

  • Software for laboratories of unreliable capacity
  • Multi-user LAN enabled
  • Customizable examination formats as per person requirements
  • .net technology
  • Milk
  • Data entry at easy mouse clicks
  • Sample prioritization
  • Email / SMS of patient reports
  • Institutional customers credit worthiness
  • Inventory Management
  • Complete record keeping- Defend against Customer Safety Act (CPA)
  • NABL compliant workflow designed
  • Interfacing ability with lab instruments reduces errors in physical data entry and enhances speed and correctness of operations

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